Agenda Arts

At aGender, we aim to explore the way that gender is portrayed in society with young people from all socio-economic backgrounds and diverse family structures, using creative media e.g. visual and performing arts, film and writing and how these stereotypes affect the choices they make about relationships.

Culture shift

At Culture Shift we put creativity to work to create positive change.

Culture Shift creates dynamic partnerships where the creative and cultural sector work with community, business and education partners to produce bespoke, creative, action-based solutions.

A Community Interest Company, Culture Shift was established in 2011 by the people behind Creative Partnerships in Sussex and Surrey.

Recognised for their energy, connection-making and rigour, and well-regarded by partners cross-sector, Catherine and Cindy’s experience cements their belief that creativity is a powerful catalyst for change


Hastings Arts Forum

The Company

Hastings Arts Forum is a “not for profit” community-based, networking organisation dedicated to promoting and developing an arts infrastructure for the town. Hastings Arts Forum Ltd. is an incorporated Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee.


• To promote Hastings as a major centre for the arts.

• To represent the interests of the arts community.

• To promote arts education and training.

• To provide affordable exhibition spac


Hastings Creatives

The website has been developed in response to a request from members of the Hastings Creatives email list. Hastings Creatives currently has nearly 600 subscribers including artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, performers, musicians, film makers, web developers and copywriters. The Hastings Creatives email list provides a very immediate way to circulate information and get feedback. This website complements the email list by providing a database of contact details for businesses and event listin


Hatch Drama

Unlike some of the larger performing arts franchises, who are provided with their lesson plans, Hatch Drama write their own curriculum according to the individuals in each class. This gives us the freedom to create a bespoke, expert programme that ensures every child benefits according to his or her needs. Classes are purposefully kept small to reflect and facilitate this.


Hastings Handycraft

Hastings Handicraft Arts & Crafts fair was set up to give The Hastleons a regular fundraising event and Hastings a regular arts and crafts fair for local craftspeople to showcase and sell their handmade goods, and for the public to see what great talent lives locally.


IDOLRICH Community Theatre

We are iDOLRiCH TheatreRotto productions, an award winning international touring puppetry and theatre company based in Hastings UK

Carrying a repertoire of performances as well as inclusive training for all ages – with our established reputation for unique puppets, original scripts and live music – we offer you a range of puppet works to suit your occasion. 


Jerwood Gallery

Situated next to the historic fishing beach in Hastings' picturesque Old Town, the award winning Jerwood Gallery is home to the Jerwood Collection of 20th and 21st century British art, and a diverse temporary exhibition programme. 


Memorial Art Gallery

Placed in the unique town centre of Hastings, the Memorial Art Gallery was originally home to victorian photographer William James Bradshaw This privatly run attractive second (2nd) floor gallery was brought about by artist Beatrice Lacey,and shows contemporary work by established and emerging arti


Mosaic Malarky

Mosaic Malarky runs courses and workshops for all kinds of occasions with particular awareness of the level of need involved.

We are currently running a very successful series of ongoing socially engaging creative courses that encourage participants, carers, and community workers to create mosaics and other craft works together.


Respond Academy

Respond Academy started in 2007 having formed from earlier projects.

Pablo & Jc McFee  2006 devised a specialist education programme using the  Arts, Music & Media that  gave  young people a thirst for learning and helping them to find  new ways of working within the creative fields to create employment or work along side other Artists and professionals on incredible high profile or local  events or projects. Jc realized that the  Arts Award in 2007 was the way forward  to obtain qualifications for our Community members as well as some of the most excluded challenging Students from  EBD schools giving them 2 Gcse’s to enable them to go towards their further education


SoCo Artists

SoCo Artists is an evolving group of professional artists, based in East Sussex which presents a challenging programme of exhibitions, public arts, events and talks in an eclectic range of venues, taking their work to a wide and varied audience.


Sparks Dance Crew

Sparks Dance Crew was created by me Samantha Smith as an After School / Saturday / Week Day / Holiday Club for children who love to dance and perform.

I believe dance schools should be open to everyone of any ability and be affordable which was one of the main reasons for starting Sparks Dance Crew.


St Mary in the Castle

St Mary in the Castle is undoubtedly the most beautiful venue in Hastings.

But what exactly is St Mary's?  We are not a church, we are not a castle, and we are not located in the Castle which sits on the cliff behind us.  St Mary's was a church, but now we are an amazing venue devoted to arts and culture.  We have an auditorium, a crypt gallery, a meeting room, and an intimate baptistry bar, all of which could be used for a range of events, all are available to hire now. Contact us for information and date queries


Stables Theatre

The Stables Theatre and Arts Centre is housed in a fine 18th-century building in the heart of Hastings Old Town. We produce some ten Stables shows each year in our fully-equipped 126-seat auditorium — amateur productions of the highest quality, cast from among our members. We provide a wide variety of productions, reflecting our diverse audience. We also play host to other local groups and professional shows. Our art gallery has a new exhibition every two months, showcasing the work of local and national artists. The Stables is run by volunteers.


The Hastleons

The Hastleons have been producing musical theatre in Hastings for nearly 90 years.  We aim to produce shows as close to a West End experience as possible, and although most of the participants are amateurs several have gone on to make careers in theatre and the arts.